Thursday, August 21, 2008

Changes after 10 weeks on the road

Send home:
-fleece sweater (had 2, one is enough)
-windstopper (forgot this, bought new one, got first jacket back, so send new one home.
-shorts, swimmingsuite is enough
-2 unused cans for soap and rice (ziplocks instead)
-packsafe (didn't use it, not practical, will by bicycle lock instead.
-set ondergoed (3 sets is genoeg ;-)
-set thermo underware, had 2.
-diner plate, not used for months, eat from pan...
cheap mug, doesn't keep stuff hot, replaced with titanium one.
-hiking boots and Teva slippers ; replaced them with lightweight day hikers. should have done that way earlier. will buy cheap flipflops if required.

Left behind:
-plastic wineglass and metal kitchen utensils. i use plastic utensils instead. hadn't used it at all.

-Asus eeepc, nice gadget, but i can live without.
-coffeepress bulky but nothing beats a good cup of coffee in the morning :-)
-binoculars - nice to watch wildlife and stuff
-better petzl light. now it gets dark early, more light is better!

Will probably do:
-Replace tent for lightweight tent when leaving US
-add bead breaker or slime

Went busted:
-Exped down air 7. Started leaking on seals. Cannot repair it. Still think of replace it for another, or a therm-a-rest prolite 4.

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